Sunday, 1 January 2006

The last time I peed was last year!

So Alhamdulillah my grandmother's out of the hospital. I've been "sleeping" over at the hospital for the past few days. Why the ""? Beacuse I literally didn't sleep. I was busy doing the magazine work (while watching my nini offcourse). Still got tonnes to do. Enough about that. You don't want me to bore you with that shyt.

My phone has gone mental. It won't just function. I can't sleep.This shows how very dependent I am to my phone. I wanna use the other phone, but the battery's flat and I can't seem to find the charger. I don't feel comfortable not knowing kalau ada orang msg kah.. apakah.. You know?

Inda kamu sasak kalau kamu makan while liat TV, and masa the first iklan makanan kamu abis tia? Pokoknya panjang wah iklan atu. Also annoying, kalau kamu buat a glass of Milo sejuk di dapur, and by the time sampai di atas, abis tia Milo ah? Lesson learnt, buat Milo satu jug besar the next time. Hahaha.. I'm a fast eater/drinker. Buring... iatah if you go makan with me di kedai, kamu baru a few suaps, but aku abis sudah makan.. huhuh.. so to "keep up" with kamu, aku "tepaksa" order makanan lagi hahaha...

See I don't have anything to write about. Bullshitting; that's what this is called. Funny how I can bullshit here but not masa my GP exam hari atu! Oh well, my exam days are over (for now) so screw it! Malas gue pikirkan.. buang lamak saja.. Huhuhuh..

It's almost 3am in the morning, and I'm alone in the family room. Which reminds me of one particular funny incident. Okay, my dad keeps a baseball bat, for security reasons. One day I couldn't sleep, aku kan pakai computer. I think my dad balum tidur masa atu, and he must've heard my footsteps or something dari biliknya. Aku lagi pakai baju yang hooded, and for some reason aku pakai the hood. The next thing I knew when I turned around, my dad was ready to hit me with a baseball bat thinking that I was an invader.

"Pikir siapa! Kau ani! Bahapa ko kan? Balum ko tidur kah?"

What if I never turned around and he actually got to hit me? Huhuhuhu..

Oh! It's 2006! Haha.. Happy new year.. Didn't get to celebrate new year's.. Would've been fun to celebrate with friends tho.. Oh well, there's always next year..

I'm out. Wanna try to sleep. Happy new year!


r i n a m e said...

lol you know jirin, you brighten up my day, as always ;-) aku ketawa membaca post mu aniiii my god... see i really need to go out eh. sighs. it's oky jirin, tani sama ;-) i didn't celebrate new year too, which makes me think that, 1st January 2006 is just another day... yay. apakan aku cakap nih. bah atu tah saja buat masa ani. sayang awak! ;-) hugs

Jirin said...

oh rin~ heheh glad i did! i miss you~ hehe yea.. laps you too~